Time Away from Work (3+ days):


  • General medical absences
  • Personal absence
  • Educational absences
  • FMLA
  • State Requirements
  • Military Training
  • Military Active Duty


  1. Follow existing department guidelines for absence, plus the following:
  2. You must contact the "Time Away from Work Center" for absences over 3 days. On the fourth day you will be required to contact the Time Away from Work Center at:
    • Call: 1-855-858-7557.
    • You may also visit the web site by going to HCARewards.com, and clicking on "Time Away from Work Service Center" in the Quick Links menu, (after logging in to HCARewards.com).
  3. The use of any remaining "EIB" (Extended Illness Benefit) in the place of PTO hours is eligible after one week of absence. Once EIB is exhausted you will be automatically enrolled in Short-term Disability. (STD not eligible for dependent care). 
  4. Print the instructions/tips on using the Time Away from Work Service Center here


  • Note: The "Time away from Work Center" does not administer bereavement leave, jury duty, or vacation.


Helpful hint: Keep 40 hours of PTO in your bank for potential illness,
lest you have no income before your EIB/STD kicks in!